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What our customers say about making money online with SellMyForms

What our customers say about making money online with SellMyForms

Tommy Sullivan
Making money online while underage (I am 16) didn’t sound very realistic at first. But my parents were very persuasive :). They said that I had potential as a designer and should challenge myself. At school, I’m known as being cool when it comes to making presentations, poster designs, stuff like that. So creating sample documents is a piece of cake. The cool thing about making template presentations is that I get to take my time, not like at school where I’m usually rushed. But the coolest thing is I get my OWN MONEY!
Tommy Sullivan, Alabama
After staying home with kids for five years, I was thinking about getting back into mortgage brokering. But I was pretty nervous, it had been so long. Luckily, I got a tip from my next-door neighbor about how to make money online as a loan broker. He pointed out that a lot of people are seeking financial assistance these days, and many of them are actively googling various sorts of finance-related documents. Basically, he showed me that I could work from home for myself, doing what I already know how to do! I have hundreds of ready-made samples I’ve started to upload. And as a broker myself, I can confirm all of them are applicable, legal, and up-to-date.
Amelia Warner, loan broker
I work late shifts in a small pharmacy. Since I was unable to find a full-time job for almost two years, I started considering various options for online side jobs (more specifically, passive income). To my surprise, you can actually make money online as a pharmacist! How? Templates! Pharmacies use thousands of different templates for working with medicine, customers, staff, supplies, and much more. I just delete personal information, make tiny technical adjustments so that the forms look nicer and then publish them online. I’m shocked that I’m actually making money doing this.
Mayra Kumar, pharmacy assistant
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Nikkie Schwaab
“How to earn money online when you turn 18?” is what I was typing when I found this site. Lol, I’m so happy I did some research before I started babysitting. I’ve been volunteering in various NGOs and campaign trails since I was 14, so I’ve got some experience with the most boring paperwork you can only imagine, haha. What I realized is I can use the skills I gained as a volunteer and recreate documents and sell them online. All I had to do was register, set up my account, and manage it. You wouldn’t believe how many people are looking to purchase samples to help them run local campaigns.
Nikkie Schwaab, Washington
I actually found this amazing opportunity while I was looking for summer jobs. Making money online when you are only 17 is pretty neat. I’ve already had some short-term office experience (at a golf club and at my local Staples), so I’ve seen some paperwork. Now I can design document samples whenever I have some free time and sell them. This site is great because it helps me make money and helps busy people find what they don’t have time to make themselves.
Joshua N., South Dakota
How can I make money online with SellMyForms?

It only takes a few simple steps to start selling your digital downloads online. No technical or coding knowledge is needed! To begin with, choose a document or form that might attract potential buyers. Next, upload your document to SellMyForms and simply click ‘Sell’. You can either use a ready-to-use template or create a new document from scratch using a built-in document editor. Finally, prepare your form for publishing by specifying its title, description, price and connecting your payment account.

Can I earn a passive income with SellMyForms?

Of course you can! In fact, it’s as simple as ABC and requires minimum effort on your part. SellMyForms allows you to create a free seller account and distribute all kinds of documents, i.e. checklists, resumes, invoices, e-books, estimate forms. etc., directly to customers. What’s more, with SellMyForms you get a separate SEO-optimized landing page for each of your items.

How much does it cost to upload my form?

Unlike many other platforms, SellMyForms is one hundred percent free for sellers. No publishing fees and no transaction commissions applied!

How can I get paid for my forms?

Collecting credit card payments with SellMyForms is a quick and risk-free procedure. Every time your form is purchased, the payment is sent directly to your bank account through Stripe, one of the world’s leading payment systems.

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