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What type of paper is used for legal documents?

It is an uncoated stock that is used for writing, drawing, and of course printing things like letterhead and business documents. Its name comes from its use as a paper for government and legal documents such as (you guessed it) government bonds. Today, bond paper is often found in the average copier and printer.

What is Uncopyable paper?

A photochromic paper having visible data thereon which, in response to radiation impinging on its surface, temporarily changes color to substantially match the color of the data thereby preventing copying therefrom.

How does copy proof paper work?

COPY-PROOF PRINTING TECHNOLOGY Copy proof paper uses microscopic printing to embed a warning message into a non-replicable security background.

Is there paper that Cannot be copied?

When you want security for your documents, a no-copy adds a level of security at an economical price. This security paper is standard copy paper weight 24 lb light blue bond paper provides you with security against unauthorized copying of your documents.

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