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To sell Word templates online you need to:

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There are millions of Microsoft Office users in the world. People most often install this service to use two basic programs: Word and Excel. Despite the fact that Microsoft creates different patterns available by default in its newer versions, consumers still require more features.

Now you can sell Word templates to earn profits. And everything is much easier with SellMyForms. First of all, you can use our powerful editor to create professional-looking documents. Add texts, arrows, and change their sizes and fonts. You can also simplify the filling process with interactive instruments such as checkboxes.

After finalizing your sample, you will receive a landing page. And although it is automatically generated, it will still be unique to your file. Additionally, it will also be SEO-friendly. Search engine optimization means that the web-page is more attractive in systems where people look for information. It will help you to sell more sheet templates for Word.

We understand that the main purpose of sharing files is to make profit, and we're here to give you a few words of advice to speed up your first sales. When you first get your URL with a template, the best method is to post it to your pages on social networks or blogs.

Next, you can start an email campaign. This is an easy and smart solution even if you only have a small base of clients. And if you feel that your template will be in high demand, you can start advertising to sell Word templates. This is a great opportunity to try your hand at marketing.

You are always free to try new ways of promoting your forms. We give you capabilities and help you to sell sheet templates for Word. However, the most important factor in this process is your actual document. You want to always make sure it's interesting and relevant.

SellMyForms gives you a great opportunity. And how you use it is your choice. Don’t hesitate to try!


You can upload as many documents as you want, but they shouldn’t exceed 100 pages and must be less than 25 MB.

You need to have a SellMyForms account, Stripe account, and files to upload.

You can drag and drop or browse for files directly from the main SellMyForms page.