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Did you know

Social Assistance Program For Vietnam (SAP-VN) - a non-profit humanitarian organization. It declares its objective in providing direct relief to needy and poor people, orphans and handicapped children, mainly in health care, education and social welfare of Vietnam. Founded in 1992 and based in Garden Grove, California, USA. The institution is headed and run mainly by the US citizens of Vietnamese origin.
The Social Democratic Party of Switzerland (also rendered as Swiss Socialist Party; German: Sozialdemokratische Partei der Schweiz, SP; French: Parti socialiste suisse, PS; Italian: Partito Socialista Svizzero; Romansh: Partida Socialdemocrata de la Svizra) is the largest centre-left political party in Switzerland. The party was founded on 21 October 1888, and is currently the second largest of the four leading coalition political parties in Switzerland.

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