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What is a registration rights agreement?

A registration right is a right which entitles an investor who owns restricted stock the ability to require a company to list the shares publicly so that the investor can sell them. Registration rights, if exercised, can force a privately-held company to become a publicly-traded company.

What are piggyback registration rights?

Piggyback registration rights are a form of registration rights that grants the investor the right to register his or her unregistered stock when either the company or another investor initiates a registration.

What are demand registration rights?

Demand registration rights entitle an investor to force a company to register shares of common stock so that the investor can sell them to the public. This effectively causes the company to undertake an IPO if the company is not yet public.

What is an investor rights agreement?

Investor Rights Agreement defined: An investor rights agreement is a venture capitalist typically expects to get the following rights associated with an investment, which are often contained in an Investor Rights Agreement: * The right to elect one or more directors to the company's board of directors * The right to .

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