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What is a section 368 Reorganization?

IRC Sections 368(a)(1)(D) As opposed to an acquisitive reorganization, a divisive reorganization involves divestiture of a portion of a groups holdings, or division of that corporation into smaller subsidiaries. This results in a tax-free reorganization, which can be described as the reverse of an acquisition.

What is D reorganization?

A Type D reorganization involves a transfer of assets between corporations. Immediately after the transfer, the transferor corporation or its shareholders must be in control of the corporation to which the assets are transferred (Sec. 368(a)(1)(D)).

What is an F reorganization?

An F-reorganization, tax-free under IRC 368(a)(1)(F), is typically defined as a mere change in identity, form or place of organization. An F-reorganization is very useful when the Target selling corporation has a business or tax reason to implement a disregarded entity, but there are impediments to forming a SMLLC.

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