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transfer agreement. [trans′fur] Etymology: L, transferre, to carry over, ad, toward, gratus, pleasure. a written hospital agreement between two health care institutions for the transfer of patients from one to another and the orderly exchange of pertinent clinical information on the patients transferred.

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A few weeks ago, we posted about guaranteed transfer admission, a process by which colleges don't admit a student for the coming academic year but allow them to transfer into the college (guaranteed) if they hold a certain GPA at the university they attend freshman year.

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UC TRANSFER ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS Complete 60 semester (90 quarter) units of transferable credit. No more than 14 semester (21 quarter) units may be taken Pass/No Pass. 2. Earn an overall 2.40 GPA or higher in all UC-transferable college coursework (2.80 GPA required for residents outside of California).

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Credit transfer guidelines for current Cornell Arts & Sciences students are: The College will accept transfer credits from other regionally accredited institutions upon recommendation of the relevant academic department. Transferred courses, with the approval of the department, may count toward the major.

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